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Our powerful transformational Focused Mindful Aware Life Learning session will not just make you stronger but will actually transform your pain into acceptance and enable you to start moving forwards again and fast
Transform Grief into Meaningful Living 
  • Understand why it hurts when loss comes.
  • Create deep acceptance of your loved one who has passed.
  • Allow Love to decide not Sorrow.. what would your loved one want for you.
  • Clarity on cycle of Love and Death - Connection 
  • Focus on Being You again! Move away from sadness and start living again.
  • Learn to Channelise Grief energies and move yourself to peaceful place
  • Understand Real Living…How to start moving forward now.
  • Resolve the Guilt of moving on and not feeling bad for letting go. Your loved one will always be your loved one.

With these benefits you will truly learn how to fill Your Life again with happiness well-being and Meaningfulness! by Honouring your love & Rising in Grief and saying Yes to Life again! 

The Benefits and convenience of our 1-1 online support is so you can attend the session wherever you are as long as you have access to the internet and have privacy. Online 1-1 allows our clients to attend from the comfort of their homes or wherever is convenient, which provides a more relaxed and comfortable space in sessions.
'Key Benefits'
Deborah Macken Wood - A Certified Master Grief Counsellor, Master Mindful Awareness Life Coach, Master Stress & Anxiety Counsellor, Trauma Release Therapist, P.I. Master Mind Coach. Here is what Deborah has to say from her own experience of loss and now supporting so many globally with exceptional transformations...

I lost my beloved husband over 9.5 years ago he was only 34 years old.  It was certainly not what you would ever want or expect so early into your lives to loose the one you love.. no age or time is good.. it was tragic. It happened and it was totally out of my hands fully. I searched every widow site for support and went to grief support many times but nothing was taking away that deep pain, sadness and emptiness. Yes it was good to talk it helps of course and knowing you are not the only one going through this awful pain. I certainly wasn't alone in this but I still felt so lonely and in so much pain even around my friends and family and they had given me so much love and support in the process. I just felt completely overwhelmed like I was just drowning and existing in this loss.  How can I ever come back from this and yet I just wanted to move forward and be happy in some other way away from such sadness but it just wasn't happening.  In my head I knew that this was a process and I hated it so much but in my heart I felt only love and wanted him back.  It isn't something we experience everyday THANKFULLY.. loss it is very surreal and painful when it happens...any loss is. But what about this pain and emptiness we have to hold how long do we have to keep feeling it for...this was always the question...it's not good.. there has to be a way!! a way in which I can accept it fully and no longer feel crippled with the loss and pain and live my life not exist in this sadness as I know my late husband would not want to watch down on me like this. 

So a year after the death I went away to India as a promise for one of my late husbands wishes and to have time away and try and heal this awful pain if that was even possible.  One of the things my late husband and I spoke about was death and what we would want if either of us died before the other...Yes it isn't something that we as humans want to discuss because we don't want to even see or feel such loss whilst we are alive, but it is fact it will come at some point we said.  So it was probably a good thing to do when I think back.. especially when the funeral arrangements had to be done.  One of my late husbands wishes was some of his ashes to be taken to the Holy River Ganga in India. Now whilst he was not Indian he felt a deep connection there for many reasons and wanted this.  So of course how could I not go and do this. Yes it was a long way to go and I had already developed anxiety and panic after his loss so this was a push for me to travel. Yes I needed time out I guess.. and I am carrying out my late husbands wishes so how can I not.  What I didn't know when I got to India months later...what was going to be ahead of me.. was an open door shown to me for my future with exceptional life transformations within myself and for so many more.  Let's just say when you are open for change away from such sadness and every lower emotion possible...change can certainly happen. 
Grief can be very painful and disabling experience...but what if that could change!
There is always Light.. 
all we need to do is look for it! 
So I trained and studied deeply in doing my Mastery Degree in Human Mind and Dynamics based in the Himalayas for five years. To learn deeply around the human mind and all our emotions.. the beautiful ones and the not so good ones... including Grief and every other single challenge life can bring. I always felt after the loss even with other challenges I had locked away within me.. there has to be a different approach a different way away from such pain to heal faster to come back to my true self again.  Thankfully I found that way and it was definitely faith I know that much now and it is certainly now my reason for existing my Purpose. I feel extremely blessed and in the highest of gratitude to my Mentor in India to be able to give these teachings, learnings and powerful fast transformations back to the world because this approach is just beautiful, powerful and exceptional in supporting people to a much higher space around loss...anything in fact.  I am supporting hundreds of people away from the pain of Grief fully and any other life challenges and fast. What I didn't know back then over 9.5  years ago around moving forwards with such a tragic loss to what I certainly do know now in supporting so many out of this pain..is what I can only express is a blessing for anyone's future happiness and peace to leading their life again away from such sadness and becoming happier. Isn't that what our loved ones who have left would want for us.. as we would only want for them if we left before them?

If you could live a life half or as whole as your loved ones and celebrate every moment just the way they would want you to, wouldn't you consider yourself lucky? Nothing in this world can bring our loved ones back and that we know. Nothing can ever replace their presence. But acknowledging their love in our life and living a happy, meaningful, fearless life just like they would want.. isn't this the greatest gift and way to honor them. Yes of course we are always going to miss our loved ones but with Our Focused Mindful Aware Life Learning session will not just make you so much Stronger but will actually transform your pain into acceptance and enable you to start moving forwards again and fast. This doesn't mean that we stop missing when we think about all our loved ones that has passed, it only means that we are no longer crippled by the Grief and come to acceptance and peace. Who doesn't want this?

Grief can be Transformed into beautiful Meaningful Expression of Love 
Deborah Macken
I cannot express enough how this women has supported me over the past few weeks online with my grief. Wow! Deborah you are truly a gift to anyone that needs support. You have taken me out of my darkest days around my grief and not just 1 loss 3 losses. You are such an amazing person I don't know how you do it but don't ever stop because the world needs you in it. Wow! So much love from me and the little ones at the Renouf home. Can't wait until you return to Jersey in an a few weeks to take you for a coffee and meet you in person. So much love and respect Susan xxx
Susan P Renouf
I was recommended Deborah through a close friend of mine to help with my struggles of loving myself and surrounding by losing loved ones and before the loss of another person close to my heart to help prepare myself for it. Debbie really helped me understand and see losing someone I loved in a new light, instead of seeing past loved ones dying as them abandoning me but that it wasn’t them abandoning me. I may of only had a few sessions with her but they honestly turned my life around for the better and helped me push through the hard times that came not long after, after losing another loved one. But the sessions truly helped me deal with the grief and learning to love myself in the process. Debbie helping me realise these things and giving me the push I needed to see life and love in a different light that I never did before. Thank you so much Debbie for all your words of encouragement, listening and giving me a new way of seeing life, death, love and myself. It truly made a big change in my life and I’m not sure how I would of coped with another loss without you giving me a new insight into life. You truly are a diamond and I would recommend her highly for anyone looking for someone to help you be your best self and cope with hard times!!
Leoni Bent
United Kingdom 
8 months ago I lost my beautiful strong wonderful husband it was just awful heartbreaking experience watching my husband be hit so hard by cancer. This was very sudden for me and my little girl because one minute my husband was fit and healthy and the next minute he is doubled up in excruciating pain. We called ambulance and 2 weeks later my husband died pancreatic cancer it just was horrible awful tragic. Preparing for the worst was not on my list that much I felt sure of but what I know now is you cannot be sure of anything. It's painful to the core knowing that you will never see your love again and my daughter will never enjoy her beautiful daddy again. How do I cope what will I do these questions kept coming and all the while I just wanted to curl up and die but felt so guilty feeling like this as my baby girl needs me even more than ever. Last Monday I took a call from my brother who spoke to me about this lady called Deborah my brother is in Jersey and had heard of this girl who lives in Jersey to support people in horrible challenges and heard her work was excellent. I said to my brother firstly I am in IOM. I know but Deborah also does online counselling globally and to connect with her at least send her a message. From that day later on in evening I looked this girl up and checked out her website and testimonials and profile and realised that she also had been hit with grief many years back. I was drawn to her story and her testimonials are absolutely a breath of fresh air so that evening I connected. I have no words to express Deborah you have certainly been brought to us for a reason and I am forever grateful to you for your counselling and you’re calming, loving, and straight to the root way of approach with what I have been dealing with. I see the light and I see deepest acceptance thank you so much. You are just a beautiful, real, heartwarming, humorous and totally professional person I have ever met. Myself and Izzy will be coming to see you in one day that I promise. Thank you greatly from Izzy and I and I'm sure my husband angel in heaven sent you to me?♥
Lisa Kerns 
Isle of Man 
Faye Sumner
Grief can take over your life, when you have hurt and pain already it can destroy you if you let it. I was lucky enough to come across an amazing lady Deborah and her team of angels that help people regain their clarity about what life is all about... I cannot even put into words how much their support, knowledge, guidance and love has done for me at what has been literally the worst time of my life. I'm finally feeling and getting back to my true self. I ask anyone who is suffering internally in any way to contact these wonderful human beings at Ask Life Clarity. You can regain your love of self and of life with their help and support, I promise you that. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart Deborah and team Ask Life Clarity and the amazing Krishiv AnantaGuru... Keep up your amazing work and one day I hope to help people the way you do. Love and light Always ❤❤
United Kingdom
Just Some Of Our Reviews & Feedback
Debs is possibly the most supportive, kindest, real loving and funniest person I’ve ever met and I have seen many people for support but Debs she is one of life's finest people. Her positivity is contagious and her results are amazing. I had 3 online sessions with Debs and I am the outcome of Debs amazing work and I can say now in my life I am the most happiest I have been in over 16 years and that's big considering the 16 years of hell I was living in. Debs took me out of my grief in one session although the session lasted over 2.5 hours she was holding that space with me until I was clear what an absolute diamond you are. You had me laughing at things I felt I could never laugh at again and you also gave me the most beautiful insight in looking at grief in a way that for me is outstanding approach and meaningful and just out and out beautiful with much love and acceptance around it. I never ever felt this could be possible. Debs comes at you when you are least expecting it but the way she does it you cannot help but feel this is the best approach needed and if only I had Debs years ago to support me then but extremely grateful I had her now. You are just a super star and I will forever be grateful to you for bringing me back to me again. Now I have no doubt my beautiful mum in heaven and son will be "as you said rooting for me" and bursting with pride and peace seeing me smile again. Amazing work Debs just love your heart ❤️
Marie Garcia 
United States
3 years ago myself and my wife lost our son and daughter in law in a motorbike accident in France this was possibly the worst of our life. We both live in the UK and getting to France was just a nightmare because we knew exactly what we were going for…. It’s every parent’s worse nightmare and really was happening to us. They say the first year is the worse but we say every single day is the worse we just could not accept it. Karen my wife was told about Deborah at Ask life clarity through a friend on FB and she emailed us with details and asked us to look at this and see if it would help. We both searched for few years trying to find someone or some group that could help us to understand or even give us right support by many we tried felt like we just couldn’t move forward and most of all we just kept hearing “it takes time” or “never forget” we knew this deeply but the thing was we both wanted peace and yet been told it takes time we both understand but we just wanted peace. We both contacted Ask life clarity and received a message back with the most beautiful response. We both had a joint session and on our  session we both smiled at the end of the call it was really great. The way Deborah makes you understand is far deeper than we could personally think for ourselves simply amazing. We don’t have enough words to express our deepest gratitude this has given to us to take forward now in our lives. We cannot recommend enough they truly are one exceptional team. Blessings and love from us always Donald and Karen
Karen & Donald Bishop
United Kingdom 
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